Apocalypse Giveaway Live

It’s 5:43 a.m. and 70 people are already requesting a copy of Apocalypse on Goodreads! That’s way more than I expected and I’m very thrilled. It also says 38 people marked it to read! And a got a good review on Amazon on both Night of the Necromancer and Apocalypse! If you haven’t yet you[…]

Fortune Favors the Bold

The key theme lately seems to be exhaustion. A lot of change in the air right now. I’m eventually going to move out of my current house. The plan is to move back with my parents at least for a bit. That may not even happen. I kind of want a place on my own.[…]

Another post…about the “muddle”

I’ve reached word 29,000 of my book, and it has hit the dreaded muddle. What’s this “muddle,” you ask? Well…it’s the part of the book that’s hardest to write for me…the middle. It’s like slogging through a swamp, and it’s the part where my books most often derail catastrophically. This book is getting longer than[…]

In which I slept for 11 hours…

I got home yesterday at about 4:00 after a trip to Wally World. I got off work at the very early hour of 3, and was already trying to stifle some jaw-cracking yawns. When I got home, I ate dinner and started to read. By 5:30, I was out like a light. Then, 4:30 came[…]

Need to post!

Has it really been three days since I’ve posted? Yes, I guess it has. I’ve been very tired lately – and busy too, I guess. I finally reached the point in my novella that I’ve been waiting for. The apocalypse team is on the road again, saying goodbye to raider town. It took near twenty[…]

Book Review: Till Undeath Do Us Part

Title: Till Undeath Do Us Part Genre: Zombie/Novella Author: Anthony Camber TLDR version: A fast-paced, snappy, gripping zombie novella set in Cambridge, England, with a gay main character (though it can be enjoyed by any audience). It contains two story arcs, one focusing on escape, the other on love. The writing is engaging; Camber is talented. My thoughts: In the[…]

Some of the weird things I’ve learned writing

Writing is one of those things where you have to research some strange things in order to sound credible. These are some of the questions I’ve researched when writing The Wasteland Chronicles: How big, exactly, does an asteroid have to be in order cause an apocalypse on the scale of the dinosaurs? Asteroids range in size[…]

Writing is an every day thing

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’m still writing every day – which is far ahead of where I was a couple months ago. I’m starting to realize more and more how hard it is to make it in this business. There is so much competition, yet at the same time, you can’t focus[…]

Characters Move Plot

One of my weaknesses as a writer is character development. I don’t know if this is something that other writers struggle with, but it has been one for me. I’m getting better, though. The characters in Apocalypse are more fleshed out than in previous books I’ve written, and I’m trying to find that happy balance[…]

Book Review: Portal Arcane I – Reversion

About this book: Title: Portal Aracne I (Reversion) Genre: Dark Fantasy/Horror Author: J. Thorn My thoughts: This is my first indie book review on this blog, and this is something I hope I can do from time to time (on a once or twice a week basis). There are a lot of hidden gems out there[…]

Apocalypse now up to 10 Reviews!

This writing thing has its ups and downs, I’m gonna have to learn to live with it better. This morning was definitely an up, when I awoke to find a few sales and a new review, making 10 people who have now reviewed my book. Generally, there’s standard on the Kindle forums that says for[…]

Lack of Motivation

I have zero motivation to do anything today. Nothing. I just want to veg out and watch TV. I already looked over the proof of Apocalypse, found way more typos than I thought the book had, which shook my confidence. I am definitely, definitely hiring a copyeditor for my next book. Where does my lack of[…]