My Proofs Come In!

It came five days earlier than I expected. For the most part I am very pleased with it.

I don’t know what it is about print, but it is so much easier to find typos. I’ve read this book I’ve read at least a dozen times or more and it still has typos. This has given me a lot more respect for copy editors as well as the humility to outsource that task in the future. I’m definitely not good at the tiny details.

It is very cool to hold my book in my hands. I can’t wait until the corrections are made and I can start promoting it some more.


20130131-201333.jpgBy the way on the second picture it looks like my Radiohead poster is part of the book. It is an illusion! Pictures aren’t the greatest, I know, but I’m too lazy to retake them.

Also, reading a physical copy makes me realize that the book does start out a little slow. But something happens around page fifty that made even me, someone who’s read this story countless times, want to read on. This was from entering the “first door’. I might blog about “the first door” later.

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