A couple days earlier than expected, I’ve released Origins. In this book, the team continues on their mission to discover the origins of the xenovirus, and it has some very surprising twists, especially toward the end. I had a lot of fun writing this book, and am ready to start Book 3 as soon as[…]

Revisiting Book 1

Well, I’m kind of bored and need a break. I’m reading through Book 1 right now, trying to make it in line with Book 2. There’s not much to change. Must of the stuff is background, about the xenovirus, xenofungus, xenolife, etc. I combined Books 1 and 2 into a master copy. So far, it’s[…]

My Writing Story So Far

If I were to tell my full story of life and writing, it would be many thousands of words. If I were to write this fifty years from now, it might be a hefty book (or two). Now, I just want to concentrate on my thoughts of my writing and my life in the past[…]

New Apartament

I just moved into a new apartment. Craziness! Or perhaps, not so much. I don’t know, but I really like it so far. It’s a studio with wood floors and a spacious bedroom (at least, spacious compared to what I had before). No TV or dining table yet, but I got my computer and Internet[…]

The Future of the Wasteland

Now that I’ve finished the fourth draft of Origins, I am somewhat twiddling my thumbs. The break is good and well-earned, but I find myself wondering about my next thing. There’s a fantasy novella I halfway wrote about a year ago that I’d like to revisit. Some ideas have been developing in my head on[…]

The End

I’ve learned that a book isn’t done when you write “the end.” A good part of the work, about fifty percent, is editing. And I’m glad to say I’ve got the vast majority of editing done for Origins. It took four drafts, and though my fifth book, Origins marks a first for me: it’s the[…]


Didn’t do much, writing-wise. Edited a chapter and just a hit a block. Something about the beginning of the book moves really slowly for me. I don’t think it’s because it’s bad, per se. I think it just takes time for the plot to get into motion and have the new characters introduced. Instead, I[…]

Only One Thing Matters at this point

Starting last November, I gained a huge burst of energy regarding my writing. I wrote everyday, sometimes even waking up at 4:30 in the morning. During that time period I completed my novella, Apocalypse, and published it, as well as the first draft of another novella, as well as another novella, the one I’m working[…]