Cover Reveal – Darkness

The cover is here! I struggled with a title and a story for a while, but it’s just now starting to materialize. And DIS COVER… It communicates the entire book perfectly. Now hopefully I can finish a story that can do it justice. I have the next ten days free from work (yay vacation!). But[…]

24,000 words in! Huzzah!

Well made some good progress so far on Darkness (working title of Book 5, subject to change). For reference, 24,000 words is about one-third the length of Revelation. I’ve finally entered the main part of the story, only I have no idea what’s going to happen now! It’s pretty exciting, because really, anything goes. For[…]


The past few days have just been sort of “meh” for me.  It’s really hard to write (or do anything for that matter) when you feel that way. I’m currently at 16,000 words in Book 5. So far I like how it’s going. I can see in my head exactly where it’s going to go.[…]