Darkness Out!

Hey guys –

Darkness at last has come out! You can pick it up on Kindle at this link.

Thanks so much for waiting and happy reading!

6 thoughts on “Darkness Out!

  1. Exciting! Time for you to take a little break.. Will it eventually be on any other platform – ibooks, etc.? I was thinking of getting a kindle anyway.. Happy to know it is done.

  2. Ok, finished with darkness, is book 6 ready yet (j/k,)? I know you just finished this one but they are all too good to put down.

    1. Jealouss – still waiting for it to be available on ibooks. I dont know what it is about the series, but I just can’t put each book down until it is done.

      1. Jesse, I heard back from Apple and they said it would be 2-8 weeks for Darkness to be published there. I have the files submitted to them and everything, only they are just backlogged. I’d suggest downloading the Kindle app to your Apple device and downloading from Amazon. Sorry you can’t get it from Apple!

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