Extinction Release Date

I’ve had quite a few people asking me when Extinction will be out, and so far I’m on target to have it out in early April. I will be working on it all week (full-time, yay!), so I imagine it shouldn’t take too much longer. It’s contingent on a few things… 1. I have to[…]

Extinction and Rambling

I’ve sort of just hit a milestone with Extinction. As of now, it’s the longest book I’ve ever written. It’s sort of weird how I wrote this one. I got the first 60,000 words down, and didn’t know how to continue it. I edited those 60,000 words and kept adding until it reached 80,000. That’s[…]

The Decision – and my 100th post!

I was trying to sleep, but it’s just not happening. I said I’d write a post about my decision and what led to it. Today I put in my two weeks notice. After six months of strong sales, it just makes sense, and perhaps more importantly, it feels right. If I’m to reach my next[…]

How the Early Morning Changed My Life

In early January of 2013, after reading this short book, my life changed completely. It’s not often that you say that about a book, but within these pages was the secret that has allowed me to write all these books while having a full-time job. The book surveys the lives of highly successful people and[…]