Cover for Xenofall


6 thoughts on “Cover for Xenofall

    1. do you know when it will come out? like an estimate?
      waiting for the LAST book of my favorite series EVER is driving me CRAZY! i cant wait!

      1. Considering that it’s only been a few months over a year since the release of Apocalypse… I’d say from now to 2018.

  1. I managed to get so caught up in life that I missed the release of Extinction. I grabed it yesterday during lunch at work and got so into it that I forgot to actually go back to ‘work’… Almost done with it now and I think it is by far the best book of the series. You can really tell how far youve come as an author and I look forward to Xenofall and any other books you may write.

    PS – i have seen Apoc featured on BookBub twice now.. That is great!!!

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