Wasteland Stats

Out of curiosity, I combined every single book of The Wasteland Chronicles into a master copy, including the second draft of Xenofall. I wanted to get a final word count, and since I think Xenofall will stay at a steady word count, I think these numbers are more or less concrete, give or take a[…]


There is a state all creative people try to reach when they’re working on their art. For me, the point where everything else fades away and all that’s left are the words. I see nothing but the story, and everything else goes away. Whether I work quickly, or slowly, it doesn’t matter. There’s nothing else[…]

Book Update

Hey guys. I haven’t updated in a while, so here it goes. I’m about 78,000 words into Xenofall, and it’s still going. It passed Extinction in length yesterday, but who knows how long the actual, final product will be. I may do a lot of cutting, or a lot of adding, later on. There’s some[…]

Book Giveaway

For those of you who don’t follow my Facebook page, you should! Right now, I’m doing a giveaway on my page for three signed copies of Extinction. Just hit “like” on my Facebook, and you’ll see the link to the giveaway in one of my posts. So far, there’s about 40 people entered, so with[…]

April by the Numbers

I will always remember this month as my first as a full-time writer. And I have to say, this month has been very encouraging, sales-wise, and probably won’t be equalled for a long time yet. A lot happened in April. First, it was my first month as a full-time writer. Second, BookBub ran my book[…]