Xenofall Everywhere (Except Apple)

Xenofall is live on Amazon, Barnes, Kobo, and Google Play, but for some reason it’s taking forever with Apple. In the past, it’s at least taken a week for my books to be published on Apple. I have no idea why they always take so long, and I‘ve tried contacting them for my last two books, but nothing really seems to work.

So, we’ll just have to wait and see. I’ll write another post as soon as it goes live. Thank you for your patience!

4 thoughts on “Xenofall Everywhere (Except Apple)

  1. Hi Kyle,

    I wanted to say that I loved the whole series, and after spending the last couple of months waiting for Xenofall, thinking of how all the loose ends could be tied together, I think the ending was brilliant! Loved the epilogue aswell, really got a sense of how the world was after the events of the final book.
    I am intrigued as to what the other ending may have been, as you said you were close to changing it all together?
    I’d love to hear what the world COULD have ended up like in another universe.
    Regards from the North East of England

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