Houston for a few days…

Came down to Houston to see a writer friend of mine, trying to keep busy and get inspired. Lo and behold I’ve gotten a new idea that I think will give the book much needed fresh air. I’m going to be in Panera all day pretty much hashing it out. Houston is sort of the[…]


Passed 50,000 words yesterday. Might not seem like much, but it’s definitely something. 50,000 is also special number for another reason. A few days ago I passed my 50,000 milestone, as in 50,000 total books sold. It is a bit mind-boggling that many people have read a book written by me. Yes, quite strange, but[…]

Why Writing is Hard

[I exited out of this post and thought it was lost. Thank you, WordPress, for saving it!] This might seem to be a strange blog post but it’s a question that’s crossed my mind lately. Mainly, because writing has been kind of hard. A lot of it is pressure I put on myself. I know[…]