10 Things about The Xenowold Saga

I just finished my third draft of the new work and am going to give it one more before I just say, good enough. There are still some things to be ironed out, but I can’t wait until the moment the draft is out of my hands and I can start working on something else.[…]

Omnibus out for edits!

The Wasteland Omnibus, which should be hitting stores early next month, is with the copy editor. It should be back in a couple of weeks, at which point it’ll go through a string of proofers, and then nothing can keep it away (for better or worse) In the meantime I’m continuing work on Xenoworld. It’s[…]

My top secret project (no longer top secret)

Alright, for the title, this isn’t going to be all that exciting. But in a way, it is. On and off I’ve been working on putting together on Omnibus. Rather than be lazy and slap the first three books together and call it good, I’m actually going through the first three books, making improvements in[…]