Prophecy is Live on Amazon!

Well, the real show is here. First book of The Xenoworld Saga is out! Find it on Amazon. Other retailers will be coming soon! They are still processing the files.

Wasteland Omnibus should be going live on all retailers very soon!

It’s finally here, folks. I’ve submitted all the files to Amazon, Barnes, Apple, Kobo, and GooglePlay. It won’t be long until Wasteland Omnibus will be hitting your e-readers! For a limited time, the Omnibus will be on sale for a mere 99 cents – perfect for fans who want to reread the new version of Apocalypse on the[…]

Started Book 2

While I’m waiting for the last round of proofing to come back (I should have the Omnibus back in a couple of days, and Prophecy a week or so after that), I’ve gotten started on the second book. My hope is to have it out fairly quickly (at least, relative to the length of time[…]

Expect Omnibus to be out in 1-2 weeks…Prophecy, probably 3 weeks.

I’m at a point where I’m just waiting for other people to read through what I’ve already written, finding mistakes and such. As the title says this should take about 1-2 weeks for the Omnibus, and probably 2-3 weeks for Prophecy. We’re hitting the final stretch. I’m just ready for them to be out and[…]