First draft of Bastion (book 2 of Xenoworld) is complete – A Preview

Just wanted to update you guys. So far, sitting at 83,000 words. I’m going to start editing tomorrow.

So far, Bastion is shaping up to be a bit more action-oriented than Prophecy. That will probably be good news to those who liked the constant action of Wasteland Chronicles. A lot of the book will be Shanti coming to grips with her identity, and will feature quite a few flashbacks to Anna’s life. Shanti and Isaru get stronger as several months pass and they continue their training.

As the title implies, the Red Bastion will be featured, and all in all, there will be a few fun twists that I’m sure you guys will like. Nothing as gut-punching as what happened at the end of Prophecy but it’s kind of hard to top that one.

I’m hoping to finish quickly, mainly because I’m wanting to get started on the third book. I think it has the potential to be the best, just because of all the things that have to happen. After that, I’m not really sure what comes next, but I’ll be spending the summer trying to figure that out.

Bastion, in terms of style, is more of a throwback to Wasteland books. Lots of action and moving ahead with the plot, which I think will be a nice change of pace, but there are some pretty emotional moments, too. I’m purposefully being vague because I don’t want to spoil anything.

It’s nice that things are finally coming together. It took a while for the world to gel, but now that it is, it seems writing the story is so much easier. I’m hoping to have Bastion out no later than June, and when I’ve finalized the release, I’ll experiment with doing pre-orders, that way the book will become available to everyone at the same time (that way I don’t have to constantly answer people about when it’s coming out on a particular platform.

I hope I have a cover to show you guys soon!

4 thoughts on “First draft of Bastion (book 2 of Xenoworld) is complete – A Preview

  1. Just fun in book #1of the Xenoworld Saga!!! Been reading your books since you first started writing. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

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