Dark Raine (Episode 7: “Brothers”)

At long last, there were no more gunshots, but the following quiet was not peaceful. Raine walked through the corridors of Lost Angels’ HQ, surveying the damage and helping anyone he could find, barking orders to anyone who didn’t look like they knew what they were doing…which was most. The bodies of the injured and the[…]

Dark Raine (Episode 6: “The Basement”)

Makara held her breath as footsteps piled into the basement. She couldn’t count how many there were because they just kept coming. After half a minute or so, the noise ceased, and she could hear the labored breathing of what was most likely a dozen or so men. She wasn’t brave enough, or stupid enough,[…]

Progress Report

The first draft of the fourth Xenoworld book is just a couple of days away from completion. Right now, the draft is about 90,000 words and there are just a few thousand more before it’s all said and done. I’m glad I actually got this one done in less time than the last, so it will probably[…]

Dark Raine (Episode 5: “The Hallway”)

Makara and her older brother held each other in the dark corridor of Long Angels’ HQ. They were watched over by Miss Robles, one of the teachers, who nervously stared into the darkness as the rattle of gunfire sounded on and off, as the building itself shook from impacts of God knew what. “Don’t you[…]

Dark Raine (Episode 4: “Thunder”)

Raine charged forward even as a thunderous crash sounded from the direction of the gate. The heat of the flames was unreal, and instead of commanding his men, Raine was rescuing two kids who didn’t know how to stay inside when they were told to. Well, Makara at least. Samuel must have been among the Bunker survivors,[…]

Dark Raine (Episode 3: “Reapers”)

Raine roared past the open gates of Lost Angeles HQ on his Harley. “Close the gates!” he yelled. Though his voice was lost to the din, the guard signaled for the thick, wooden barrier to be shut. Raine looked over his shoulder to make sure his command was followed. It was important that they were[…]