Dark Raine (Ep. 11: “Doubts”)

Makara ran faster than she ever had in her life. This part of the mall wasn’t occupied, and the only illumination came from the skylights through which filtered weak, red sunshine, but even in the dimness, Makara was able to find her way back. She felt relieved as she entered the main concourse of the[…]

Dark Raine (Episode 10: “Secrets”)

Despite Makara’s first impressions, she was beginning to like the mall more than the old office building. For one, there was more room, and secondly, there were a lot of places to explore. The mall was bigger than any building she had ever been in, and that included Bunker One. She could wander through it[…]

Dark Raine (Episode 9: “The Move”)

Makara watched as the last of the trucks being loaded, signifying the end of another chapter of her life. She had lived at Lost Angels HQ for three years now. The place had been the source of a lot of memories, both good and bad. The good ones had been good, and the bad ones[…]

Dark Raine (Episode 8: “The Council”)

Two months after the attack, Lost Angels’ HQ was unrecognizable. The walls had been rebuilt, but beyond that, everything was in drastic need of repair. Raine knew that they had been lucky that casualties had been few, and he had made sure to let Carin and the Reapers know that the Angels had plenty more explosives[…]