Dark Raine (Episode 14: “Devotion”)

When Makara left the room, Raine let out a heavy sigh. The girl couldn’t know how worried he was about Ohlan, and even he could admit that if Ohlan was headed somewhere, it wasn’t to found a new settlement in the Wasteland, as he had previously discussed with him. “What’s our COA?” Green asked. Raine[…]

Dark Raine (Episode 13: “Trust”)

Makara ran to Raine’s office the next morning before remembering that running would only serve to arouse suspicion. She forced herself to walk, going unnoticed with the exception of two middle-aged women setting up their fruit stall in the center of the concourse for market day. Makara made to look as if she were interested[…]

Dark Raine (Episode 12: “The Plan”)

When Makara got home to the apartment she and her brother shared, an apartment that once been a small store on the mall’s third level, she immediately told him everything that had happened with Ohlan, along with seeing him in the meeting with Raine not fifteen minutes after. For the first time in a long[…]