Life Update

There have been a crazy amount of changes in my life lately.

First of all…I proposed to my girlfriend and thankfully, she said yes!

Next…we moved to Florida! She got a job at a news station that’s higher paid, and it’s a chance for her to do something she really loves. We’ve been here about a week and a half now, and so far we are both loving (despite the fact that our car got broken into Day 1. that part wasn’t fun).

Aside from the crazy people you see on the news (which seem to be more prolific in Florida) it’s been an adventure. I went to the beach in Jupiter on July 4th, the first time I’ve been to a beach in a while. The water was so incredibly blue, and it made me realize just how much I missed living close to the water.

Besides all the awesome seafood and beautiful weather, the fact that I get to spend time here with the woman I love feels like a dream come true.

Because of all that stuff…the progress had been slower than I would like on Kingdom, Xenoworld #5. Rest assured, however, that I am working on it and by hook or crook it shall be released late July. The only possibility where it wouldn’t is if my copy-editor has a major backlog.

Anyway…just thought I’d keep you guys apprised. I’m very grateful for all of you being so patient!

4 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. It always makes me feel good to know others are having a wonderful time in their life. Congratulations to the both of you.
    Changing the subject, don’t forget get I’m available for beta reading. Yes or know I’m excited that it will soon be reading.

  2. Good to hear that you have your priorities in order. Congrats on finding the love of your life Also important that you are helping her advance her career. She’s depth in your character.
    If you need a beta reader, please let me know.

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