Hey guys, time for another update. I got the book back from my editor, applied the changes, so the book is now in its final stage. Over the next week, it’ll go through my beta readers for them to spot those last minute typos that slipped by. After that, it’s a matter of formatting the book and uploading it! So the timeline is 2 weeks or so.
Another thing: I live in West Palm Beach and it’s very likely my area is going to be impacted by Hurricane Irma, either directly or indirectly. As such, I’ll be heading inland to stay with a friend. There will be Internet, so I’ll be able to continue working and it shouldn’t interrupt anything, but if for some reason there is an interruption, the hurricane is probably the reason.
For those of you who live in the area, or those who have been impacted by Harvey . . . please stay safe! This one coming in looks to be no joke. I’m heading out tomorrow and I hope to beat the worst of the traffic, while my fiancee will be safe in a hurricane-proof building (she works in news).
The good news is you can expect Kingdom to be out in two weeks or so. I’ve already started the next one . . . lots of action and excitement.

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