Wasteland Books Available on all Retailers

Three months ago, I experimented with exclusivity with Amazon. In exchange for exclusivity, you get the ability to have your books in Kindle Unlimited for additional revenue. As a publisher, I decided to take the risk to see how it worked for me.

However, the results were less than stellar, and after a month, I found I was just counting down the days  until I could get my books out of it.

One thing is sure: things have changed a lot on Amazon in the past two years. The competition is much fiercer, to the point where all my other retailers were practically matching my Amazon sales. Perhaps it wasn’t a great business decision, but you also never know something until you take a risk.

That, and every month I was in KU, the monthly payouts were getting lower. When the program started, they were much more reasonable, and just seeing the downward trend and the overcrowding of the marketplace makes me think going wide with my books is better than going tall.

Anyway, this is a post to let everyone know that you’ll find the Wasteland books anywhere they were before . . . iBooks, Google Play, Nook, Kobo, plus lots of others. Thanks for your patience!

3 thoughts on “Wasteland Books Available on all Retailers

    1. Yes definitely a mistake, but I learned! Some authors do very well with it, but you have to do very well to justify not publishing everywhere at the same time. While Amazon is biggest e-book retailer by far, you have to make up a lot in KU to outperform everyone else combined.

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