Progress Report on Book 6

Hey guys,

Just wanted to give a bit of an update on Book 6. The news is that there really isn’t much news. The book is done, more or less, and is still being edited.

A lot of the hold up was figuring out what to do about the ending. I completely took out the old one and added a new one that gives so much more closure, and this one sets everything up for the seventh and final book in in the series very well.

So with that major kink worked out, cleaning it up should prove pretty easy since I’m not going to be changing anything in the narrative (let’s hope not, anyway). I’m mostly editing for flow and typos at this point, which is a much less intensive edit, and will probably just take me a week at least, and two at the most.

After that, the book gets sent to an editor, goes to beta reading, and after that last line of defense, gets published!

The previous ending had my mind in a knot, to the point where I didn’t really know what to do with the whole thing. This book has given me more than a few existential crises, but for the first time I feel as if the light’s at the end of the tunnel.

I’m grateful to all of you for being so patient. I love writing, but sometimes (like any other job) it’s a huge pain if you don’t know what you’re doing. Every book feels like I don’t know what I’m doing, and then in the end, magically, a finished product appears.

It takes a lot faith, because even though I’ve written and self-published twelve books by now, the process in a lot of ways doesn’t become any easier. And as we draw closer to the end, everything has to be resolved in short order.

This series has been strange to work on, and turned into something I could have hardly imagined. Originally it was supposed to be three books, and somehow it morphed into this monstrosity. I don’t think anyone will be disappointed; a lot of things happen in this book, and so far I’m fairly pleased with it, and it’ll be better once it reads more smoothly.

Sadly, I haven’t really thought of a decent title for this monstrosity yet. Titles really aren’t my strong suit, but I’m just waiting for the right one to come to me. So don’t think a lack of a title at this point is indicative of the book’s progress. This one is the second longest in the series, just being slightly shorter than Book 3, so hopefully the wait is worth it in that regard.

2 thoughts on “Progress Report on Book 6

  1. Believe it or not I’ve been thinking of you and this book, off and on, for the past two weeks. Was getting ready to message you to ask you how the book was coming along. I’m so glad you’ve let your fans know where your at and can now stop wondering about it.

    Hope you and yours are doing great in FL. I was down there for 3 months with my Dad and for the first time the dogs outside water bowl was half frozen; and this was at 12 noon.

    1. Will definitely know when a beta copy is ready. Down here in West Palm it never gets freezing, I think it might have gotten into the high 40s once.

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