Dissolution Available on Amazon, iBooks, and Kobo!


Find it on Amazon, iBooks, and Kobo.

4 thoughts on “Dissolution Available on Amazon, iBooks, and Kobo!

  1. So, I just finished reading Dissolution after rereading most of this series (Xenoworld) to get back up to speed. I really liked it and although some of the events that happened felt a little too fast and pushed, this series is coming together really nicely! I’ve also noticed a few details (mostly about Xenoworld but also applies to Wasteland Chronicles) that seem to correlate or draw off of ideas from other books/shows. For example, the Elekai power of Silence and glowing white eyes giving stronger power reminds me greatly of Avatar the Last Airbender. I am wondering if you intentionally incorporated some ideas from that show into your series, because if so, that’s awesome (Shanti reminds me of Korra from ATLA, and Isandru reminds me of Iroh)! All in all, I am super excited for the final book to come out (hopefully soon!) and give this series the ending it deserves. Also, do you have any plans for continuing this universe? Or are you going to move on to another universe?

    1. I’ve actually never seen the last air bender but that’s very cool! It’s also similar to a book series called wheel of time where characters envision a void in order to channel magic. It’s probably a pretty common idea in fantasy fiction.

      After xenoworld I will probably move on to a different universe but can see myself returning to this one some day.

      As to the rushed nature, it can be tough to keep the books to a digestible length when there is so much going on. I wanted to explore many other facets of the world but simply couldn’t incorporate everything I wanted. Anyway, I’m very glad you’ve enjoyed the series enough to leave this comment. I appreciate it!

      1. Glad to see you responded! I think it would be very interesting if you continued this universe (maybe 400 years later…in a much more advanced society, where the Elekai conquers the Radaskim or another force is brought in; either from the same galaxy, a new galaxy, or another universe altogether (multiverse)). It’s very intriguing and interesting! I’m surprised you haven’t seen Avatar…it’s a really good show (: If you move on to a different universe, will it be similar to Xenoworld/Wasteland Chronicles? Or a different kind of theme?

      2. Probably a different kind of theme. I’ve been working on WC and xenoworld for 5 years now so I’m wanting to go a different direction. An idea of a far future society is very intriguing and I can probably come up with an interesting idea about that. But anything I do will have a sci fi or fantasy slant to it since that’s what I enjoy writing.

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