Writing Update

I suppose you can consider this a news post. I wanted to share some developments with you guys to keep you in the know as far as what I’m working on.


First, and by far most important, is a progress report on Book 7, Aberration. Just this morning, the final entry to the Xenoworld Saga passed the 80,000 word mark. This is normally where I’d start winding things down, but this story still has a bit more juice left in it. Maybe even more than a bit. It wouldn’t feel right to make the final book of Xenoworld short and sweet.

While it’s definitely over the halfway point, it’s going to be one of the meatier entries to the saga. It if were a book you held in your hands, it would feel a bit heavy and need two hands to hold. I guess that means Aberration may prove to be the longest entry. Only time will tell.

One of my goals for this week is to start coordinating with my cover artist to find something worthy of the final book. I’m excited to start working on that, and will share more as time goes on. The current goal is to have the first draft completely finished by mid-April.

Paperback of Dissolution

I finally got around to it. I’ve submitted all the necessary files to Amazon to put Dissolution in paperback form. This is something I always put off, because the final product often goes through ten or so revisions before I’m fully satisfied with how it looks. Long story short, I was able to knock this out in about a couple of hours, much to my surprise. I know there’s people out there who can’t believe a book is a book until they’re holding in their hands. I’m somewhat like this myself. For those folks, my guess is the paperback of Book 6 will be available for purchase from Amazon next week. I’ll keep you posted.

A Wasteland Novella?

I don’t really want to tease anything. But I’ve dug up a lot my old Wasteland Wednesday posts. For those of you who don’t know (or don’t remember, it was 2016 after all), I was writing a Wasteland prequel focused on Makara and Samuel’s story prior to meeting Alex (along with Raine, their father figure and mentor). The posts are in a rough state, and the story was never completed . . . but reading them over, there seems to be something of a story there, and it’s a something I’d like to explore.

The question of how Makara became Makara, and how Samuel became Samuel, has always been an interesting question to me. A lot of things are alluded to in the series but we never really get the full story. We know that there’s a man named Raine who headed up the Lost Angels gang who was instrumental in Makara and Samuel’s life, but we never get to meet that man or see what was so great about him.

In short, I compiled the posts in a Word doc and have started cleaning up them up a bit, the way an archaeologist might clean up a dusty artifact . I wrote a lot of these posts on the fly and it’s not up to snuff compared to my other stuff. So, I’m toying with the idea of cleaning these posts up, revamping the story, and writing a fitting ending while trying to keep the whole thing around 30,000 words.

Before you guys think this is a sure thing that is definitely going to happen, I want to warn you not to get too attached to the idea. All I can say at this point is that I’ve been working on it, and I’m actually having a lot of fun going back to the Wasteland of yesteryear.

Of course, who knows if this will turn out to be anything, but at least for now, the idea is interesting to me and I’m actively working on it.

So, What Comes Next?

One of the things I’m struggling with is what to work on once Xenoworld is over. Because it will be over soon, sadly enough. It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been working on the series for almost five years. It’s taken a lot longer than I thought I would, and it’s hard to believe the end is around the corner.

And though it will be the end of the series, it will not be the end of my writing. I’m already thinking of other universes, along with the stories and characters that will populate them. That’s all I’m willing to say for now, because even where I’m standing, the future isn’t entirely clear. All I know is that I have to continue working day by day. Things in the distance become clearer when you walk closer.

That about wraps it up, and gives you guys an idea of where my mind is at. Whatever I work on next, it’ll be like Wasteland in a lot of way: a big setting and canvas on which to paint my stories.

2 thoughts on “Writing Update

  1. I’m excited and sad. The excitement is dripping from you and the sadness comes from my future goodby to a great series. My favorites we’re the first two, so I think that once I catch up on my reviews and through some pre-editing/Beta reads, I will revisit them and once again feel the excitement and fear of what’s coming next.
    It goes without saying, that I’m definitely looking forward to reading the prequel. Say hi to your aunt (she responded to one of my post concerning Wasteland, letting me know that you were her nephew and she was so proud of you) and give a wave to the Uncle who is lucky to get your books for editing. Oh I’ve wanted to ask you for sometime now, does your wife ever give you any input on your writing?

    Till next time, your fan

    1. Yeah I run things by her quite often, usually to see if something makes sense. It’s useful to have her when I get an idea and want to make sure I’m not crazy. I’m a bit sad too but at the same time it’ll be nice to work on something fresh. I’ve spent countless hours on these books that sometimes it feels like I live and breathe it.

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