Writing Progress Report

It’s about that time where I should be updating you guys on what’s going on in my writing world.

Book 7

Aberration has hit 94,000 words. It’s already longer than some of the installments of Xenoworld Saga and at this point I expect it to be the longest of them all (beating out even Beacon, which was approximately 130,000 words if memory is serving me). I knew going in it was going to be a long one, maybe even twice as long as a normal book. And since I plan on charging the same price, that’s just a bigger bargain for you guys. I’m hoping the first draft will be done by mid to late April.

The first draft is always the bulk of the work, though the first edit will take a while, too. Of course, the longer the manuscript the longer the edit. But if all goes well, Aberration should be coming out in June at the earliest. March has been my most productive month in quite a while, and am very encouraged with how things are going right now. June is my goal. Don’t hold me to it, but it’ll become more firm and sure if the first draft is done next month.

Wasteland Prequel

Okay, I’m becoming more and more convinced that this will be a thing. I’ve more or less have a final outline of what I want to accomplish, and will be reusing a lot of the material from my Wasteland Wednesday posts from back in 2016. That said, for it to be an actual novel, it will need to be organized better and will have quite a different tone from the rest of my work, mainly because it’s going to be written from the third person, most likely with alternating view points. The novel, as it’s currently planned, will also span about a decade of time, beginning with Makara’s escape from Bunker One at seven years old and ending with her being sixteen. I’m not really sure how this is going to work, exactly, but I think you guys can expect it to be a short novel of about 50-60,000 words. Work is progressing on it right now, and it will probably be an intermediary project between the end of Xenoworld and whatever my next series is.

The main perspectives will be through the eyes of Makara, Raine, and sometimes, Makara’s brother, Samuel, and Raine’s brother, Ohlan. I want to keep the perspectives limited to that, as the novel will be short and any more would likely make it more complicated than I want it to be. This is something I don’t want to spend too much time on, as the best choice for my career is probably writing an entirely new series where I’ll spend the next two to three  years of my time.

That’s pretty much all the news I have. Nothing much has changed, aside from a higher word count and a greater willingness to make the Wasteland prequel happen. Other than that, I’ve just been enjoying life in sunny West Palm Beach.

4 thoughts on “Writing Progress Report

  1. Love long stories, as long as they keep me interested. Can’t wait for the prequel as Wastelands was my favorite of the series.

    1. Oh really? It’s hard to pick a favorite for me as well but I like apocalypse as well (the newer version I released in 2015 rather than the shorter original). My favorite book of all of them is probably Beacon though.

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