Second Draft Complete

I can hardly believe it, but I’ve finished the second draft of Aberration, and to my surprise, it only went up to 170,000 words. “Only” being a relative word, of course. That’s still almost 700 printed pages, but strangely, editing all those words never really felt like that bad of a slog, even if at points I felt like I was losing my sanity.

What’s left is one final read through to smooth things out before my beta readers take a stab at it, and then after that, the final book of The Xenoworld Saga will be published. Late September is my pie in the sky guess if all the stars align, but it will almost certainly be out in October.

Mostly, I’m relieved that the hard part is done. Writing the first draft, and then editing second, is always the hardest part. Of course, there’s plenty of work to be done, and fixing those slight bumps in the prose takes times. There’s still the cover, which has been tough, mostly because I just can’t find an image that I’m happy with.

Not really sure what else to write. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with a short blog post. The wife and I are just living our lives here in West Palm Beach, and are looking forward to hosting some friends for a few days. We’re visiting Miami and going up to Orlando for Disney World. After that, I’ll be back to working on the final draft, though I’ll probably sneak some time to do it here and there during the week.

4 thoughts on “Second Draft Complete

  1. How would one become a beta reader? Looking forward to reading the next book!! I have enjoyed all of your works that I have read so far.

    1. Hi Jesse, sorry about the late response. The main purpose of my beta readers is to catch the last minute typos and to notify me of their location in the text in an email or word document. It involves getting an early copy of the book, reading it as you would normally, and keeping an eye out for typos and mistakes while you read and enjoy the book as you would normally.

      The main things I look for in a beta reader are:

      1. Proficiency in finding typos and unintentional author errors (if you’re the type of person who commonly finds typos in books you read, that’s a sign you would be a good fit).
      2. The ability to have a fast turnaround time (I usually would like to have the list of mistakes found in a week or less, but for this current book two weeks will probably be more reasonable since it’s so long).
      3. Writing/editing experience is a plus.
      4. Understanding that distributing the book or showing it to anyone else before its release is strictly forbidden.

      I mainly want feedback on typos, but pointing out inconsistencies, awkwardly phrased sentences, or content that seems to be unrealistic is welcome too. For their efforts, beta readers get to read the book for free and before anyone else.

      If any of those things sound like you, send me an email and we can discuss it more. kylewestwriter at

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