Aberration Update, and more

Wow, didn’t realize how long you guys have been without a blog post. I’ve been very busy! The final draft of Aberration is done, pending reading by beta readers, but that part will only come once the cover art is finalized, which I’m in the process of doing. That should come in days, if not sooner than that.

An early  November release is looking pretty likely. Like I said, pretty much everything is done, so things will start falling into place rather quickly.

As far as what’s next, well, you may remember if you’ve been following me since earlier this year that I was sort of playing around with the idea of a Wasteland prequel featuring Makara and Samuel and their time in L.A. before meeting Alex. Well, I’m happy to say that the first draft of this story is almost done! It’s a bit rough around the edges at the moment, but my hope is with some decent editing on my part that it will become a decent story with a place fitting in the Wasteland chronicles canon.

This will be a short novel of no more than 70,000 words at the most, so it’ll be something for you guys to read while I start working on whatever project’s next.

I’d always liked the idea of doing a prequel with some of the more interesting characters, but after this one is done, I’ll probably continue my writing journey outside the Wasteland and Xenoworld. As good as both series have been to me, it’s time to move on to other things, whatever those other things are.

It’s hard to believe that journey is coming to an end. I wrote the first words of Prophecy way back in 2014, over five years ago. The first scene I wrote actually took place in book 3 in an altered form, where Shanti and some Seekers were charged with going to Hyperborea to find Anna’s prophecy. In the end, the series turned out differently from that, though I took a lot of those same ideas and turned them into something better, hopefully. The saga spans hundreds of thousands of words, and ended up being something greater and more epic than Wasteland chronicles, in my opinion (though I’m sure most people probably prefer the first series). As will become evident by the end of this book, Wasteland Chronicles and the struggle the characters go through is only a broader story fitting within larger tale, one that will wrap up a bit better than how Xenofall ended.

Not really sure how to close this off, other than the fact that I’m excited to be releasing the final book of this seven book series, my fourteenth book in all. I’m incredibly honored to have all of you as readers, especially considering how there are so many things in this world that demand our attention. As long as I have you guys as readers, then I know I can keep writing books. I’ll keep writing as long as even a few of you are willing to read them.



3 thoughts on “Aberration Update, and more

  1. Im very happy to hear this terrific news. Can’t want to read not only this one. But the prequel as well; I hear the excitement in your writing.
    Can’t wait to see what you’ll be working on next ie sci-fi, Paranormal, whatever it is in sure it’ll be great.


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