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Welcome to the Universe, Hadrian West!

Posted: September 27, 2020 in Uncategorized

The day finally came. On 9/21, our little bundle of joy was born on the auspicious day of the autumnal equinox.

It’s pretty crazy that he’s here. I don’t really have the measure of his personality yet, but his hobbies seem to include sleeping, drinking milk, crying, and bodily functions.

I look forward to the future with him. I’ve never spent much time around babies, but I’ve gotten the hang of most of the basic stuff.

I’m actually not as sleep-deprived as I thought I would be, which is good. I may be speaking way too soon though.

Anyway, just wanted to share some pictures of him to let you guys know he’s here!

New Sanctum Cover

Posted: September 20, 2020 in Uncategorized

As I continue to work on the new series (about 20,000 words into Book 3 at the moment), Xenoworld Saga is continuing to undergo its rebrand. This new cover for Book 4, Sanctum, marks the halfway point of the series.

It shows Shanti standing in front of the the domed city of Shenshi (what used to be Los Angeles). I really like the color scheme, and you can really get a sense of the clash between Shanti’s medieval-like world and the futuristic Shen Collective.

Here’s the paperback:

As a side note, Xenoworld was placed in Kindle Unlimited some months back. Now, the entire series is available most everywhere e-books are sold. Wasteland Chronicles should be available everywhere again in a few weeks’ time.

I saved the most important news for last. I may be out of action for the next few days for a very understandable reason. My wife and I are expecting our first child to be born either tomorrow or the next day. It makes me grateful I’ve gotten so much work done these past few weeks, because I have no idea what the future is going to look like.

We’re both feeling a crazy mix of emotions right now, mostly positive. We’ve got everything ready but these next few weeks will be somewhat hectic but who knows, I might crank out some words during the naps.

I’ll be sure to update and post pictures when I get the chance!

New Cover For Beacon

Posted: September 15, 2020 in Uncategorized
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Here’s the very AWESOME looking cover for Beacon, which just might be my favorite cover along with my second favorite Xenoworld book.

This cover showcases Shanti just as she reaches Hyperborea in Ragnarok Crater. And of course some dragons flying around top, just because it looks cool.

Here’s the spread of the paperback as well, with some really cool details on the back cover.

A Humble Request

Posted: September 14, 2020 in Uncategorized

Hey guys!

I need your help with something. If you have a minute to spare, it would be great if you (my awesome readers) could leave a review of the Wasteland Chronicles on my Amazon Wasteland Chronicles series page.

The page is an important place for authors to showcase their books. It’s one of the few places on Amazon that’s not plastered with ads, so it’s my go to place to send potential readers. Unfortunately, not too many people know about it because it’s kind of buried. I only have two reviews there, for example, while the rest of my series has hundreds on the individual book pages.

I know this in no way benefits you, but it would help me a ton.

I can’t really you offer anything in exchange for the review other than my thanks and gratitude. I don’t want to get in trouble with anybody since Amazon requires reviewers to disclose they got something in exchange for a review.

Anyway, here’s the link again. Thanks in advance!

New Bastion Cover

Posted: September 8, 2020 in Uncategorized

I knew this cover would be awesome, but it came out much better than I expected!

I think it captures the spirit of the book very well. Bastion is the first point where Shanti really takes things into her own hands and fights back.

Here’s the full spread for the print version as well:

New Prophecy Cover

Posted: September 3, 2020 in Uncategorized

As I alluded to before, I’m refurbing the Xenoworld covers. As promised, here’s the first one:

In short, I love it. This particular scene shows Shanti in the Silverwood forest on her way to the reversion, where she discovers…well, something big.

I absolutely love the typography. It’ll be the same across all seven books. Right now, the cover artist is working on book two, which will feature Shanti, the Bastion, and a dragon :).

I’m super excited to see what she comes up with. And I’m especially excited to see the covers for later entries.

If you’ve read Wasteland but haven’t gotten into Xenoworld yet, now is the perfect time to start. The first book has been discounted to 99 cents.

As a bonus, this is the full spread of the paperback: