The Battle Plan

Man. This year has been absolutely crazy. On a global scale, on a personal scale, and a professional scale. Global for reasons I don’t need to mention. Personal, because of the birth of my son (four days away from being four weeks old). And finally, professional. Because this year has been really tough in the[…]

Insert Title Here

These past three weeks have been a huge blur. Lots of getting up in the middle of the night, diaper changes, and all those things that come with raising a newborn. And in those rare moments of quiet, when I’m not sleeping, I’m working. Despite everything going on – and it’s a lot – Book[…]

Final Two Xenoworld Covers

With these two, the series rebrand is complete! This is a very basic cover that hearkens to the original Dissolution cover with the Thought Dome in the background. The main difference is just Shanti standing in front and the color scheme. The new Aberration cover goes a different direction as the original. I wanted to[…]

New Kingdom Cover

The new cover for Kingdom is done! This one might actually be my favorite now. Kingdom is a bit of a weird Xenoworld book. It’s the first book in the series where the characters get access to Odin, which is featured on the cover. They jump around all over the place – from the Northern[…]