2020 Year in Review, and Goals for 2021

Well, I won’t bother anyone with clich├ęs about how thankful I am for this year to be over. And actually, when you take away the virus, civil unrest, insane political stupidity, and all the needless deaths, it was actually a pretty good year for me. First of all, 2020 will always be a great year[…]

My Year in Books

I set a goal to read 52 book this year. In the end, I read about 42 or so, but I don’t feel too bad since I was crazy busy and my reading speed fell off a cliff after the little one was born. It was much easier to watch TV by that point… That[…]

Merry Christmas from the Wests!

We wish all you wonderful readers a very Merry Christmas from sunny South Florida, where the temperature is a very brisk 49 degrees F! I know, we are suffering. The highlights is our new baby boy, who was the greatest Christmas present of all. He had a very good Christmas, staying awake the entire time[…]

Lost Angel Audiobook Released!

Happy Christmas Eve to all! In a bit of good news, what better way to celebrate than a audio rendition of the fall of Bunker One and Makara scraping for survival in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles? That’s right! Just today, I got the email that Lost Angel is live on Audible! The narrator, Brogan Werder, is[…]

Starsea Cycle Preview 3: The Setting

It’s time for another preview of The Starsea Cycle! This time I’m going to talk about the setting a little bit. Some of this is revealed in the books, some of it is unique information that you consider as background. Setting/world-building is something I’ve always enjoyed as a writer. In Starsea that will be no[…]

Starsea Cycle Preview 2: Magic System

Welcome to the second preview of The Starsea Cycle! This one will be short. I’m just going to drop this awesome chart, which will be included at the beginning of the book: The names of these Aspects should give you a clue about how magic works in Starsea on a very basic level. I’m reluctant[…]

The Starsea Cycle Preview 1: What to Expect

Welcome to my first preview of what to expect in The Starsea Cycle! Without revealing crucial spoilers, of course. I’ve revealed precious little about it so far other than the title, the series title, and the cover art for the first book. Some of you may not even know whether this is the kind of[…]

Cover Reveal: The Mages of Starsea

I’m very pleased to reveal the the cover for the first book of my brand new space fantasy series, The Starsea Cycle! In a future where humanity has colonized dozens of worlds, mages begin being born. No one understands how, or why. Neither does humanity understand the reason the mages’ magic eventually robs them of[…]

Revelation is out on Audio!

Hello, Wasteland peeps! I’m very excited to announce the release of Revelation on most major audiobook stores! You can find it at the following link: https://books2read.com/u/mlaZ94 Note: Scroll down to the bottom to find the audiobook links. So, the backstory on this. My audiobook publisher made the first three waaay back in 2016, and despite[…]