Tomorrow, The Orb of Binding goes live!

Book 2 in my space fantasy series, The Starsea Cycle, releases tomorrow. It was a lot of work, so I can’t wait for you guys to read it!

This one is more action-oriented than Mages of Starsea, and you will learn a lot about the magic system, the Volsung Academy, as well as more things about the Starsea Universe. And you will learn a little a bit of why the series is called The Starsea Cycle!

So, I’m excited for you guys to see the pieces coming together. A lot of it is set-up, like the first book, but things are going to start making sense. And when you read the last chapter, you will be hooked if I’ve done my job right!

I’m almost through with edits on Book 3, where the plot really kicks into high gear. Hopefully, all the set-up, world-building, and character development will have been worth it.

Be sure to pick it up tomorrow – you can sign up for my newsletter to know when the book goes live along with all future releases. Or you could just be an overachiever preorder it.


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow, The Orb of Binding goes live!

  1. Absolutely cannot wait!!! 😀 Tomorrow’s my birthday and I pre-ordered it already, and I’m so gonna read it right away

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