Darkness – New Cover

I think you might be detecting a theme here with the dragons. Here is the cover of Book 5, Darkness. SPOILERS I’m not sure if you guys remember the details of the book, but it was the black sheep of the series, in my opinion. Most of it took place underground in Bunker 132, and[…]

Revelation New Cover

I have to say, I love this one too! For the first time, we get to see a city background, with a couple zombies and a dragon. Though Alex doesn’t use a gas mask in Vegas, he and other characters do use them when exploring the Xenolith in the Great Blight. I’ll post cover five[…]

Dealing with Setbacks

So, the last few days have been pretty rough. I won’t really go into details, but basically several things have hit all at once that have cast a lot of doubt on things. For the first time in a long time, I had a day with zero writing in it. It takes a lot for[…]

New Cover for Evolution

The artist outdid themselves with this one. I’m pleased to present the new cover for Evolution. I asked for dragons, and by golly I got them. I don’t think Alex would be this calm with this xenoviral onslaught heading his way, but hey, it’s art and it looks awesome. Artist is already at work on[…]

Starsea Cycle coming to audio!

So, this is happening a little sooner than I had anticipated. But the series is doing decently well, so I really want to capitalize on the opportunity by getting audiobooks done ASAP. Just contracted with super talented narrator to get the first Starsea book done and he is interested in doing the rest as well![…]

Cover Reveal: The Rifts of Psyche

Words cannot describe how awesome this cover looks and what you guys have to look forward to on April 8th! You can check out the store page here and perhaps preorder ahead of time so you have it waiting for you on release day.

New Cover for Origins

I absolutely love this one! The white-eyed Howlers from the series absolutely make it. So creepy! And then a crawler in the background thrown in for good measure. Can’t wait to see what the artist comes up with for the rest of the series.

The Rifts of Psyche – Almost Done!

Hey everyone. My fingers have warped time and space themselves since they’ve been typing so fast to edit The Rifts of Psyche, Book 3 of Starsea. That, and I have to meet an editing deadline by March 8, which means I’m blazing through my final pass in the next three days. The word count has[…]

Wasteland Chronicles Rebrand

Every 5 years or so (or even less) it’s usually a good idea for an old series’ cover to be changed. Cover conventions change, so I always felt like Wasteland Chronicles needed a fresh layer of paint as it were. It’s the same old story it’s always been, just in different packaging :). The first[…]