Wasteland Chronicles Rebrand

Every 5 years or so (or even less) it’s usually a good idea for an old series’ cover to be changed. Cover conventions change, so I always felt like Wasteland Chronicles needed a fresh layer of paint as it were. It’s the same old story it’s always been, just in different packaging :).

The first one was just finished by a very talented cover artist. It is now available in e-book and paperback:

All of the Wasteland covers will be done in a similar style. It’s definitely a change of pace, but I think it looks really awesome while communicating to the reader just what they can expect from the novel and the series at large. I think my favorite thing though is the typography. It just looks awesome!

I’m definitely excited to showcase future covers once they’re done!

4 thoughts on “Wasteland Chronicles Rebrand

  1. The cover art will definitely draw me to read the book (had I not yet read it). It is a perfect fit!

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