New Cover for Evolution

The artist outdid themselves with this one. I’m pleased to present the new cover for Evolution.

I asked for dragons, and by golly I got them. I don’t think Alex would be this calm with this xenoviral onslaught heading his way, but hey, it’s art and it looks awesome.

Artist is already at work on Book 4, so the series should be completely recovered soon. Hopefully, it invigorates interest in the series well into the future. All in all, not a bad use of that government stimmie!

4 thoughts on “New Cover for Evolution

    1. I’ve been meaning to read through every single book, but I just don’t have time these days. I will have to if ever decide to anything else in Wasteland Chronicles Universe!

  1. ,It is definitely awesome. Alex is a cool and calm dude. It’s the opposite of what the side view mirrors on a car say, “objects are further than they appear”. 😂

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