The Prophecy of the Seven is Out!

At long last, the day is here! E-book available from your preferred retailer. The paperback will be out later this month. Long lost since the disappearance of Arian, The Prophecy of the Seven is the key to finding the rest of the Orbs of Starsea. It would secure Lucian’s position as the true Chosen of[…]

Book Six Cover Reveal: The Fires of Hephaestus

Just three days before the release of Prophecy of the Seven, I’ve got more exciting news. Work on Book 6 is well underway and ahead of schedule. Just hit 24,000 words last night, and at the current pace, the first draft should be completed by late February. The book itself is slated for release in[…]

The Prophecy of the Seven

The Prophecy of the Seven, the fifth book in The Starsea Cycle, is on track for a January 14 release! This is exactly one year after The Mages of Starsea came out. It’s incredible how much can change in one year. A year ago, I had yet to release a single book in the series[…]

Happy New Year!

Well, we all made it. That’s pretty much sums up my feelings for this year. 2021 was huge for me. I launched a new series and released four books in it, something I haven’t done since 2013. My resolution for 2021 was to be more consistent with my writing, setting daily word counts and sticking[…]