Coming Soon to an Audiobook Near You…The Xenoworld Saga!

After many moons, The Xenoworld Saga will finally be coming to audio! I just commissioned the first book, Prophecy, to be narrated by the very talented voice artist, Brogan Werder. She did a bang-up job on Lost Angel, the Wasteland Chronicles prequel, so she’s no stranger to the Wasteland Chronicles universe. I’m glad she’s agreed[…]

Book 6 Update

Holy cow, life has been busy. When life gets busy, this blog is the first victim, unfortunately. Still, I thought I’d pop in for those of you still around and reading. Book 6 of Starsea, The Fires of Hephaestus, comes out April 8! That is a mere 17 days from today, so it’ll go by[…]