24,000 words in! Huzzah!

Well made some good progress so far on Darkness (working title of Book 5, subject to change). For reference, 24,000 words is about one-third the length of Revelation. I’ve finally entered the main part of the story, only I have no idea what’s going to happen now!

It’s pretty exciting, because really, anything goes. For the next two books, I have a basic gist of what’s going to happen, so it’s weird that I have no idea what this book has in store. I think I’m just going to keep writing to find out!

Nothing much more to this post, guys – just wanted throw out there that this book is getting written. My guess is that the first draft will be done in three weeks or so. I’m hoping mid-December will be a reality, but you never know. With a day job, it can be hard to write during the week. I’m hoping for the best as far as releasing it goes.

Comment Section

  • Keep up the good work, I have devoured all the books so far 🙂 ready for the next!! I can’t wait !! I am thrilled to read a local author and to be a real fan of the work!

  • Don’t rush it…..the story so far has been spectacular!! I love how you mad me fall in low with all the characters……and THE DRAGON!!!! OH THE DRAGONS…….what a delightful surprise that was!!! I can’t wait to read the next one!! But make it as good as the ones preceding ;o) I am a fan!! In fact….while I wait I will go read the other book I found by you……not related to these……..

    • Yeah, the dragons were kind of a random things that slipped in there. I really like them too, though ;).

      Well, if the book isn’t ready by the time I said it would be, then I have no problem working on it until I get it right. That’s how almost every book had been so far.

      And I guess you’re talking about Night of the Necromancer? Yeah, that was my first book I co-wrote with a friend and it’s pretty interesting. If you like zombies/survival games, you should like it!

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