It’s been hard to get inspired to write anything. Mixture of tiredness and trying to finish this book. I’m trying not to get burned out on the whole thing.

Looking at how much work needs to be done it will be a miracle if book 2 gets published by the 31st. Between how tired I am after work and how tired I feel when I wake up it’s hard to just sit down and do it. Makes me wish I did this full time but I’m not there yet, but I will never get there unless I keep going.

I’ve come pretty far already but it’s not far enough. I still need to get better and write more. I don’t really know where this drive is coming from but it’s a good thing. I can’t really sit back right now. I feel a sense of urgency about this I can’t really explain, like it’s an opportunity I’m going to miss if I’m not ready for it.

Editing is real slow right now. I’ve only made it past the first few pages. Chapter one is readable now, though probably still has lots of typos. I’m a little afraid to read the rest because there is so much. Just to think I have to finish it all in about two weeks seems a bit overwhelming. I’ll have to do a lot this weekend and lock myself in my room to make sure it gets done. That might sound extreme but I feel like I’m losing my focus a bit so I need to get back on the horse.

Coffee…I think I just need lots of coffee. Either way tomorrow is Friday so hopefully this weekend can be very, very productive.

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