5:38 a.m…Origins Preview

Normally this would the be the hour I write on my book, but I’m exhausted. I’m still trying to adjust to a new sleep schedule  because I have to be at my new job at seven. I went to bed at 8:30 last night and probably couldn’t sleep till after midnight.

Sleeping has always been hard for me. Half the time I’ll fall asleep fairly decently, but the other half of the time my brain won’t turn off. It wasn’t that bad last night because my brain plotted out a good portion of the second book of The Wasteland Chronicles, and I started getting really excited at the possibilities. Ultimately, if what I have in mind comes to the page, it will be better than Apocalypse, more mysterious, and much darker…and of course, the stakes will never have been higher.

It’s hard to imagine getting any darker than Apocalypse, where my MC Alex deals with death and hopelessness galore (but he refuses to give up). Alex will deal with the same, only a greater scale in Origins. And this time, there is a hidden enemy that is very real that is trying to stop him.

As he crosses the Wasteland to seek answers, it sort of becomes like the Odyssey, where myth starts intermixing with science in unexpected ways. Like ApocalypseOrigins will be a book about finding hope in hopelessness.

Originally, I never thought book two would be darker than book one. Apocalypse was plenty dark already, and I really wrestled with whether a certain character should be killed off in that one. In addition to the three heroes (or anti-heroes in some cases), the posse will be getting two new additions – Li (pronounced “Lie”), a stoic, female katana wielder who finds her life’s purpose in following a long dead samurai code, and Lisa, a passionate yet dangerous ex-raider who has it out for the MC.

They will be journeying a thousand miles west, through harsh desert, twisted landscapes perverted by the xenovirus, meeting both friend and foe along the way…along with a mysterious, blind prophet who calls himself “The Wanderer,” a man born in the Old World who watched Ragnarok fall and saw his life burned up forever.

And of course, answers will be provided at the end – the kind that will lead to more questions, setting the stage for book three and possibly a book four. These questions will be answered: what is the xenovirus? Where did it come from? Why is it doing what it’s doing? And can it be stopped?

Some guesses people have made might be right…but so far, no one has guessed the whole truth.

Well…that is somewhat my blurb. Probably much in there that won’t be in actual blurb (I like my blurbs short and snappy), but you get the drift. And of course any of this is subject to change at any moment. I haven’t even plotted an outline yet, although I am very ready to get started. I think I need to let my novella Dark Prophecies cool off for a bit. It’s too close, and I fear it may not be good enough. I tried to keep it simple, but too many things are going on in the 40,000 words that I’m going to have some lines to make the overall thing read well.

In the meantime, I’m probably going to start on Origins soon. I just need a good night’s rest before I dive in, which will either be tomorrow or Saturday.

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