80,000 Words!

I recently passed the 80,000 milestone. Normally this is where I’d be wrapping up the book, except there is so much story to tell. I have no idea how this is going to work, whether I’ll just write one really long book or find a logical breaking point somewhere. I could easily see this going to 140,000 words or so. Characters are still getting introduced, and any time you add more characters, you add more problems, which makes the book even longer.

At this point, I’ve decided to let this book be just what it is instead of saying it needs to be a certain length. It makes me a little uncertain because so many readers have told me they enjoyed the fast pace of the series, but my writing style has evolved recently to take more time with things. I see it as a sign of a maturity, and it’s a far cry from a Apocalypse days when it was Alex and Makara shooting everything up. Not that there’s anything wrong with that type of fiction, but I’ve always enjoyed books that took their time with the details to paint a more realistic world.

There are a lot of complications with this story. A lot of factions, the complicated nature of the relationship between humanity and all its factions and the Elekai…and of course, the impending doom of the second Xenofall that is just years away from happening. The world is getting a lot bigger. It’s not just the American Southwest and a small part of Mexico, but the rest of the U.S. and even countriesbeyond that are getting pulled in. I almost feel like I have so many ideas I don’t know what to do with them. And any time I try to move things forward, it just gets bigger and bigger.

Overall, I think it’s a good thing, but it’s also new territory. All I can do is put in my daily work and eventually the time will come to start edits.

Comment Section

    • No details on the release date, but the series title is possibly Xenoworld. I’m working on it every day, what I can say is this first book will most likely be quite a bit longer than any of the Wasteland books. I had quite a few false starts and a lot of world building to do, which took some time as well. I will definitely let you know when something becomes definitive.

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