A Humble Request

Hey guys!

I need your help with something. If you have a minute to spare, it would be great if you (my awesome readers) could leave a review of the Wasteland Chronicles on my Amazon Wasteland Chronicles series page.

The page is an important place for authors to showcase their books. It’s one of the few places on Amazon that’s not plastered with ads, so it’s my go to place to send potential readers. Unfortunately, not too many people know about it because it’s kind of buried. I only have two reviews there, for example, while the rest of my series has hundreds on the individual book pages.

I know this in no way benefits you, but it would help me a ton.

I can’t really you offer anything in exchange for the review other than my thanks and gratitude. I don’t want to get in trouble with anybody since Amazon requires reviewers to disclose they got something in exchange for a review.

Anyway, here’s the link again. Thanks in advance!

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