Apocalypse now up to 10 Reviews!

This writing thing has its ups and downs, I’m gonna have to learn to live with it better. This morning was definitely an up, when I awoke to find a few sales and a new review, making 10 people who have now reviewed my book.

Generally, there’s standard on the Kindle forums that says for every 750 books you sell, you get one review, and every 1500 you give away, you get one review. I definitely have not sold that amount yet, so it’s encouraging to get so much feedback when it really hasn’t hit the world yet.

Most of these reviews tend to be four stars, although I did get my first three star that made a valid point I agree with (the three stars are the toughest ones). And I know if this thing grows, I’ll be getting some one and two stars (probably about grammar or the darker elements in the plot, or the slow beginning). I’ve never gotten a review that low before, but I have to be ready for them when they come.

I resubmitted a new file yesterday that fixed a lot typos that were sadly still hanging about (yes, I’ll mention it again – I’m getting a copyeditor next time around). It’s very important to me for me to have a quality story as error free as possible. I know that only exists in a perfect world, but hopefully it’s something that improves with time as I continue to learn.

And now, I’m going to jump back into Origins. It’s been really encouraging to read all of the reviews that say that Apocalypse is a very good, action-packed story – which is what I’m going for. I’m hoping Origins, book two in the series, will have that same action, but a little more room for character development as well.

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