Bastion a few weeks from publication

Hey all! I’m happy to say Bastion should be coming out sometime next month — early to late next month. No release date yet, but the book is out of my hands for the most part. It’s going through a long editing chain. First my dad (who always gets it first), then my first copy-editor, then a couple of proofers, and then three of my beta readers. After those six people have gone through it, and one final read through by me (Kyle West), it will finally be fit for publication.

I’m writing this to let you know that you don’t have long to wait at all. Thankfully, the gap between book one and book two is going to be far less time than the gap between the end of WC and the beginning of XS. As I suspected, it took that long to develop the world and get a feel for the characters.

Now that the world is developed, the novels should be coming out in a more timely manner. Actually, come to think of it, Prophecy was released at the end of March, and if Bastion comes out in early June, that’s closer to two months than three. I’d love for all my books to come out in that time frame, and I really do hope it works out that way!

I’m pretty excited, and as always, it’s great to have it out of my hands. There is still work to do, but the lion’s share is done. My next project will be fixing things other people find, and after that, it will be time to format and publish!

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  • i FINALLY got the first book. I’ve been waiting for EVER! I’m only on chapter 6 (and for me thats insanely slow). Idk, i feel like the plot itself is starting off slowly. I know you are just building the scene and putting the begining pieces in the puzzle frame, but I feel like I’m so anxious to get to some action that I’m just skimming through and looking for a “LOOK OUT!” somewhere. It’s sooooo good, I mean I love action and stuff, but the way you describe everything makes me picture it so perfectly in my mind! I LOOOOOVE your books!!! They should be movies by now. Honestly I wish they made a movie series out of TWC!!!! Keep doing what you are doing!!! So proud!! (I realize I contradicted myself a bit somewhere in there but I don’t care cause I love the book! XD)

  • Cant wait for the release of Bastion.. Hopefully it would be released also as Google Books at the same time release on Amazon, as my country residence at Malaysia unable to purchase Amazon Books and Kindle.

    • It should release at the same time. I’m going to do pre-orders soon, so the book will go on sale on the same day with all vendors (and also be released on the same day). Glad you’re looking forward to the book!

  • I am about 40 iphone pages away from finishing Prophecy and I really wish I read slower… You kind of made a transition from straight post apocalyptic sci-fi to sci-fi/fantasy and I love it… My main genre is fantasy and epic fantasy, so this is right up my alley.

    I commented the other day about how great this newest book was, but I was only 100 pages in or so; I can say for certain that this is the best one yet.

    So happy to have found these books. For a new author with little to no publicity – amazing. I will continue to recommend your work.

    • Great. I’m happy you think this one is the best. I also think so as well. It gets more fantasy like in nature as it continues so I think you’ll really enjoy the next ones.

  • So desperate for Bastion, I loved the entire Wasteland series and it’s mix of Sci fi, post apocalypse and fantasy, with great character and plot work. Prophecy was amazing, it fit so perfectly with the previous series. I love a good setup and quiet bits in between battles as well as action dialogue, so for me Prophecy was perfect.

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