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  • Hi, Kyle! Thank you for sending the link to BEACON!! I just downloaded it and can’t wait to begin reading it! Thanks so much for this marvelous series!! 🙂 Shayla Markham in Anaheim, CA

  • Hi, Kyle! WOW! Congratulations on another great book: BEACON. I just finished reading it on Friday (4-1-2016), so I’m a bit blurry-eyed from not wanting to put it down! LOL! I give it 5 stars!

    In my opinion, to more fully understand BEACON, readers should be encouraged to first read the WASTELAND CHRONICLES, if at all possible. And, it is a MUST that readers read the first two books of the XENOWORLD SAGA (of which BEACON is Book 3) before they read BEACON..

    NOTE: Some readers may find a couple of spoilers in the following.

    And, forgive me for any misspellings or incorrect references below. I really am in need of a reading break, but wanted to get this off to you!

    Kyle, I want you to know I enjoyed BEACON’S adventurous journey. Also, the personable characters; the hints (and more) of the past from previous books from both series’. And, of course, the awesome landscape descriptions that I think only you can write! Your books have a way of creating anticipation that something unusual will happen just around the next corner or tree or cliff! It is nearly impossible to put your books down!!

    The end, however, leads me to think that BEACON may not be the final book in your XENOWORLD SAGA series after all. Either that, or the final pages of my Kindle copy are missing! (Maybe an April Fool joke!! – ? LOL!)

    Surely, you must be considering another book. For one thing, what about Shanti’s parents (or did I miss something?)? That is all I will discuss, because, I don’t want to ruin the book for others.

    At any rate, I really enjoyed BEACON!!

    I hope you like Spain and return home rested and ready to write again, no matter which story you decide to do next! (I’m not a slave driver, mind you!! LOL!) I plan to put a 5-Star review of BEACON on Amazon, when I can! 🙂 Shayla Markham

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it so much! It’s definitely not the end. There’s at least two more in the series, but it may go a bit longer, depending. I really enjoy the story, the world, and the characters. It’s definitely gone a way I hadn’t expected. You’ll find out answers to all your questions and more in the next installment which I can hopefully write quickly.

      And thanks for the review!

      • OH HAPPY DAY!! Thank you, Kyle, for letting me know so quickly that BEACON is not the last book of your XENOWORLD SAGA!! I must have misread/misunderstood when you wrote of combining two books (I thought they were the FINAL two books) to give us BEACON.

        So sorry for the confusion! Like I mentioned before, I’m in need of a short reading break at this point! I do need to be ready for your next book! Now, I’ll be looking forward to your next book announcement!! And, I will do the review on Amazon soon, I have some pesky medical tests coming up to steal my time, but it won’t be too long. 🙂 Many Thanks, Shayla

    • I can’t really take care of it until I’m back from Europe. Google is a bit more complicated to do, but my guess would be about a week. I’ll post here. If you want to get it elsewhere, you can. Should be a Kindle app available for most devices.

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