The Fires of Hephaestus is Live!

The Worlds will never be the same… The Swarmers are on the move. As star systems fall one by one, the League of Worlds begins to fragment. The Dread Pirate Zheng Yang advances her Golden Armada toward the League’s core, bringing either death or salvation. The Prophet Sharo Khalin consolidates a theocracy in the spinward[…]

Almost There…

After a lot of work and writing through the baby’s nap times and after he’s gone to bed, the final product of The Fires of Hephaestus is more or less done! All that’s left is a final read-through to catch any last-minute mistakes before uploading the final files. For the first time, I’ll be experiencing[…]

Coming Soon to an Audiobook Near You…The Xenoworld Saga!

After many moons, The Xenoworld Saga will finally be coming to audio! I just commissioned the first book, Prophecy, to be narrated by the very talented voice artist, Brogan Werder. She did a bang-up job on Lost Angel, the Wasteland Chronicles prequel, so she’s no stranger to the Wasteland Chronicles universe. I’m glad she’s agreed[…]

Book 6 Update

Holy cow, life has been busy. When life gets busy, this blog is the first victim, unfortunately. Still, I thought I’d pop in for those of you still around and reading. Book 6 of Starsea, The Fires of Hephaestus, comes out April 8! That is a mere 17 days from today, so it’ll go by[…]

Close to the End

I’m getting close to the end of the first draft for Fires of Hephaestus. I’ve pretty faithfully been adding 2,000 words a day since the start of the year, and I think I only missed two days, so all those words have really started to add up. The plan today is the same as every[…]

The Prophecy of the Seven is Out!

At long last, the day is here! E-book available from your preferred retailer. The paperback will be out later this month. Long lost since the disappearance of Arian, The Prophecy of the Seven is the key to finding the rest of the Orbs of Starsea. It would secure Lucian’s position as the true Chosen of[…]

Book Six Cover Reveal: The Fires of Hephaestus

Just three days before the release of Prophecy of the Seven, I’ve got more exciting news. Work on Book 6 is well underway and ahead of schedule. Just hit 24,000 words last night, and at the current pace, the first draft should be completed by late February. The book itself is slated for release in[…]

The Prophecy of the Seven

The Prophecy of the Seven, the fifth book in The Starsea Cycle, is on track for a January 14 release! This is exactly one year after The Mages of Starsea came out. It’s incredible how much can change in one year. A year ago, I had yet to release a single book in the series[…]

Happy New Year!

Well, we all made it. That’s pretty much sums up my feelings for this year. 2021 was huge for me. I launched a new series and released four books in it, something I haven’t done since 2013. My resolution for 2021 was to be more consistent with my writing, setting daily word counts and sticking[…]

Happy Thanksgiving to All

Here in the States at least, it’s Thanksgiving, a holiday where you’re supposed to give thanks for all the good things that have happened in your life, and the good people who happen to be a part of it. I have a lot to be thankful for this year. Watching my son grow up has[…]

Rifts of Psyche Audiobook is Out!

The Rifts of Psyche audiobook is now available on Audible and will soon be available elsewhere. Be sure to request it from your local library as well, it helps me out so much as an author who puts a lot of time and money into these recordings!

“Dare to be bad”

I came upon a bit of prolific writing advice that really struck me: “Dare to be bad.” It struck me because many writers feel immense pressure to make things perfect on the first try. Most people are familiar with the cliche of a writer spending hours trying to find the right word, throwing papers of[…]