Lack of Motivation

I have zero motivation to do anything today. Nothing. I just want to veg out and watch TV. I already looked over the proof of Apocalypse, found way more typos than I thought the book had, which shook my confidence. I am definitely, definitely hiring a copyeditor for my next book. Where does my lack of[…]

So, how am I actually doing….

I know people are curious, and it seems when I post these crazy numbers on Facebook, it might seem like I’m taking off. I don’t believe I’m going to “take off,” although I do believe if I keep at it, keep writing quality books, and keep promoting, I’ll experience a gradual climb as a result[…]

My Proofs Come In!

It came five days earlier than I expected. For the most part I am very pleased with it. I don’t know what it is about print, but it is so much easier to find typos. I’ve read this book I’ve read at least a dozen times or more and it still has typos. This has given[…]

The Community

I haven’t posted in awhile (meaning a couple days, at this point). I think I’m very ADHD. I’m reading several books at the same time, and writing several books at the same time. I’ve gotten into the habit now of waking up at 4:30 a.m. Which is cool, except when I get jaw-cracking yawns around[…]

Results of the Night of the Necromancer Giveaway

I’ve been posting (spamming, more like) about it often on Facebook and a bit on Twitter, but here are the numbers (as of 10:12 p.m., so there’s still a few hours left on the giveaway). U.S. Downloads: 1768 U.K. Downloads: 96 Germany: 8 France: 3 Canada: 9 Brazil: 1 Total Downloads: 1885 This might sound a bit weird, but I was[…]

The Flow

I’m starting to recognize a flow to the writing life. I think this looks different for different people, but this is what it is for me, so far: 1. Have a good idea for a book. Usually gotten from reading/culture at large, or personal experience. 2. Write about that idea. Develop characters, outline, whatever…just get[…]

Night of the Necromancer – Free Weekend Giveaway!

Alright, before I head off to work, I have an announcement to make. Night of the Necromancer, mine and Jelani Sims epic zombie survival choose-your-own-adventure novel, will be going free from Saturday 1/26 through Sunday 1/27. After over 2,000 copies of Apocalypse given away without any sort of advertising, I’m curious how well Necromancer will do, given that I[…]

Apocalypse (The Wasteland Chronicles) coming to paperback!

Luke Atkinson and I (mostly Luke) are working very hard  to bring you, dear readers, a physical copy of Apocalypse, which will available directly from Amazon soon! This should all be set and ready to go within a month’s time (as in…available in a month or less). I’m not sure on costs yet, but I’d expect[…]

5:38 a.m…Origins Preview

Normally this would the be the hour I write on my book, but I’m exhausted. I’m still trying to adjust to a new sleep schedule  because I have to be at my new job at seven. I went to bed at 8:30 last night and probably couldn’t sleep till after midnight. Sleeping has always been hard[…]

My Second Book

My first published book was Night of the Necromancer, and my second was Apocalypse. But there is a book I wrote between those two that will never, ever, be published. This is my second book. This is the one I don’t want anyone to read…ever. Was it that bad? Er, no. Maybe. Most of it was written in the fall[…]

Results of the 2 Day Promo

A couple nights ago, on a whim, I decided to use two my five free days to give away Apocalypse, curious to see how many copies would be downloaded without any other form of promotion. The result is, more people have my writing in their hands from two days than over my entire life. It’s[…]

I’m a Writer

I’m a writer. Ever since I could read, I’ve written. Science fiction and fantasy, mostly (though to be fair, I did not really start until high school, and there were gaps here and there). To me, books offer entertainment and imagination far beyond anything else out there today. More than TV, more than movies, more[…]