The Rifts of Psyche – Almost Done!

Hey everyone. My fingers have warped time and space themselves since they’ve been typing so fast to edit The Rifts of Psyche, Book 3 of Starsea. That, and I have to meet an editing deadline by March 8, which means I’m blazing through my final pass in the next three days. The word count has[…]

Wasteland Chronicles Rebrand

Every 5 years or so (or even less) it’s usually a good idea for an old series’ cover to be changed. Cover conventions change, so I always felt like Wasteland Chronicles needed a fresh layer of paint as it were. It’s the same old story it’s always been, just in different packaging :). The first[…]

Tomorrow, The Orb of Binding goes live!

Book 2 in my space fantasy series, The Starsea Cycle, releases tomorrow. It was a lot of work, so I can’t wait for you guys to read it! This one is more action-oriented than Mages of Starsea, and you will learn a lot about the magic system, the Volsung Academy, as well as more things[…]

Hello. Long time, no blog post.

Things have been insanely busy lately. I’ve had to make some sacrifices on how I spend my time, so posting on here/social media or even keeping up with friends has taken a backseat. My life has become dominated with taking care of the little one while spending the rest of that time writing/editing. Alas, sacrifices[…]

First Draft of Book 3 – Done!

Last night, wrapped up the final lines of Book 3, the title of which I’m keeping under wraps for the moment. The manuscript clocks in at 120,359 words, which is pretty amazing because I predicted it would be 120,000 even, so I wasn’t too far off! Translation, that’s about 450 pages or so, a decent[…]

Thank you for the successful launch!

Hey guys! Two days after launch, the dust hasn’t really settled yet, but I just thought I’d write an update to let you guys know that my expectations for Mages of Stasrsea were exceeded, thanks to all of you. I’m a pretty small-time author, so my goals were quite modest. Even so, it’s always good[…]

The Mages of Starsea is live!

You can find it on your favorite e-book store using the following link: “Magic, madness, and mystery in a boundless sea of stars… Growing up in a Miami that has sunk beneath the waves, Lucian dreams of escaping Earth. Unfortunately, his wish comes true when the government identities him as a mage. Before he[…]

Starsea Cycle Preview (Final)

Hello, everyone! I hope everyone is having a very Happy New Year! With less than a week left until the launch of The Mages of Starsea, what better time to give a sneak preview of the second book? I won’t say this is an official cover reveal, just something that loyal followers of this blog[…]

2020 Year in Review, and Goals for 2021

Well, I won’t bother anyone with clichés about how thankful I am for this year to be over. And actually, when you take away the virus, civil unrest, insane political stupidity, and all the needless deaths, it was actually a pretty good year for me. First of all, 2020 will always be a great year[…]

My Year in Books

I set a goal to read 52 book this year. In the end, I read about 42 or so, but I don’t feel too bad since I was crazy busy and my reading speed fell off a cliff after the little one was born. It was much easier to watch TV by that point… That[…]

Merry Christmas from the Wests!

We wish all you wonderful readers a very Merry Christmas from sunny South Florida, where the temperature is a very brisk 49 degrees F! I know, we are suffering. The highlights is our new baby boy, who was the greatest Christmas present of all. He had a very good Christmas, staying awake the entire time[…]

Lost Angel Audiobook Released!

Happy Christmas Eve to all! In a bit of good news, what better way to celebrate than a audio rendition of the fall of Bunker One and Makara scraping for survival in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles? That’s right! Just today, I got the email that Lost Angel is live on Audible! The narrator, Brogan Werder, is[…]