Book Six Cover Reveal: The Fires of Hephaestus

Just three days before the release of Prophecy of the Seven, I’ve got more exciting news. Work on Book 6 is well underway and ahead of schedule. Just hit 24,000 words last night, and at the current pace, the first draft should be completed by late February. The book itself is slated for release in early April. April 8, in fact, exactly one year after the release of Rifts of Psyche.

Thus far, I’ve had no problem hitting my word counts. Probably because I’m going for a more modest goal each day, instead of trying to do too much and then getting overwhelmed and going into hibernation for a day or two. This is allowing me to be much more productive and I hope that keeps up.

Without further ado, here is the cover for Fires of Hephaestus.

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