The Prophecy of the Seven

Long lost since the disappearance of Arian, The Prophecy of the Seven holds the key to finding the rest of the Orbs. If Lucian can find it, it would all but assure his position as the true Chosen of the Manifold. The only problem? He doesn’t know where in the Worlds it is.

When he receives a mysterious vision from an old friend, he drops everything to return to Volsung, the planet he’d hoped to never to see again. Only there can he find a clue that might lead him to the true prophecy, the one penned by the hand of Arian himself.

But it might already be too late. As the Swarmers ravage the League of Worlds, the old Starsea Mages are on the rise. Like the Mage War over fifty years ago, they dream of an empire and a new era for humanity where the mages rule over all.

Or perhaps it’s something else they dream of…