The past few days have just been sort of “meh” for me.  It’s really hard to write (or do anything for that matter) when you feel that way.

I’m currently at 16,000 words in Book 5. So far I like how it’s going. I can see in my head exactly where it’s going to go. Once I get writing, I have no idea if it will stay that way or not.

Well, don’t know what else to write, really…I’m writing on here more to pass the time I guess. At 16,000 words I’m still struggling to find the main narrative of the story, but a new character sort of happened her way onto the stage, quite unexpectedly. It’s getting to the point where it’s more people than I can keep up with. It’s kind of hard to write a lot of different characters when you do first person.

Anywho, enough complaining. Gotta see if I can get some more done.

Comment Section

  • Hey Kyle I just wanted to say that your books are amazing and that you don’t get there recognition that you deserve as a talented writer. Keep writing

    • Jake thanks for the comment. I’m just starting out so I think that’s the reason people might not know about me yet. I’ve only been having good success for the past month a half or so and it’s been pretty crazy. All the same I appreciate the comment and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed story. I’ve really liked writing it.

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