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It’s been a minute since an update. Blogging is always something I mean to do, and it’s probably something I should do a lot more. Yet it’s one of those things I let slip through the cracks when really I need to do it.

Space Fantasy Series: I’m nearing the end of Book 2. I’m probably a couple of scenes shy before finishing it off and starting edits, before going back to change Book 1 based off things I added in Book 2. By the time Book 2 is done, it should be as much as 100,000 words, which makes it significantly longer than Book 1 as it stands.

What I can say is, I found myself lost a lot while writing it. But then the answer sort of came to me today – I’ve found the crux, the call to action that will inspire the rest of the series. I’m afraid it’s not terribly original, but at the same time, I hope to put my own spin on an idea that’s been done to death.

Needless to say, because I’ve found this spark, I’m pretty excited about how the rest of this series to come. It should be a grand adventure, and not your typical “good vs. evil” story even if that is the main theme in the end. Or maybe I’m just overselling it.

Either way, I cannot wait until this is done and out, as it’s been too long since I’ve released something.

Another Prequel? The madman! I’ve been toying with a new idea. A novella focusing on Anna’s early life, from her humble origins in Last Town, to her survival in the Wasteland, followed by her becoming Char’s bodyguard in Raider Bluff. If this is done, it will not be as long as Lost Angel – I just don’t think the content is there, and I want to keep the characters fewer – but I think it will make for a nice novella length piece of perhaps 30,000 words. That means it would feel quite short, but hopefully it would be exciting.

Other news: As I’m sure a lot of you know, I live in Florida. Have lived here since June 2017. It’s a bit amazing to me that it’s been three whole years here in the Sunshine State, because it has literally passed in a flash. My wife and I have had lots of adventures in that time – from getting engaged, to getting married, multiple trips to Disney, and now, having a baby boy (still trying to convince the Missus that Alexander Keener West is the most superior name). He’s due in late September.

Life has been pretty busy trying to prepare for him. The main wall of our living room has become a mountain of boxes ordered from Amazon for all the baby stuff. Much to the consternation of our two cats, we went through most of those boxes by now.

The prospect of becoming a father is a bit scary, especially in such uncertain times when the last thing a lot of people want to read is a post-apocalyptic series (I guess the subject hits too close to home). All the same, I’m excited to get a brand new series up and running which should hopefully help with all the diapers and such.

Anyway, I rarely share stuff from my personal life on here, and rarely share on here at all in fact, but it’s something I want to rectify and that only starts by me actually writing something on here (funny how that works). Hopefully the next update does not take as long.

Paperback cover reveal!

Posted: January 17, 2020 in Announcements, Book Cover

The physical version of the book should be available on Amazon on 1/21/2020! The price will be $14.99.

I think it looks great. I love the back cover as well!

Lost Angel Paperback

Find it on Amazon, B&N, Apple Store, Kobo.

It will be available on Google Play the day of, and pre-order should go live sooner.

The release date is 1/21 – This Tuesday!

Lost Angel Ad Copy

As of 6:57 this morning, according to my Amazon email, Revelation went live on Amazon!

You can find it by clicking here.

As of yet, it is not available on Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. I expect them to be online at these retailers shortly. In the interim, you Kindlers can go ahead and get started!



Revelation Release Date

Posted: September 29, 2013 in Announcements

I really hate to make this decision, but I’m going to have to postpone releasingĀ Revelation for another week – two at most.

I committed to releasing on October 1, and tried my very best to meet that goal. I am working tirelessly in order to get it out as soon as possible. Once Revelation is ready, I will post everywhere there is to post so that people will know.

I am incredibly sorry, asĀ  I’ve already told people personally/through email that the book will be out on the 1st. Expect it to be out sometime early to mid-October now.

Now, the reasons. The manuscript was orginally a mere 49,000 words. After three rounds of edits, it is now 72,000 words. I have a lot of extra words that I had not been counting on, which means editing takes much, much longer. Once done with a final round of editing, the manuscript still needs to see the copy editor. Copy editing is pending upon my completion of the final version of the manuscript. As I said before, this could be a week, two at most.

The positive of this is that Revelation will be released with very few typos and be a more complete package. I could release at my projected time, but I don’t feel it would be fair to you as readers to release something that wasn’t yet ready. Things come up, and I couldn’t have predicted how much the manuscript expanded. I guess that’s more story to enjoy, but all the same, I will take it as a lesson not to bite off more than I can chew, as well as give myself a little more cushion when timing my releases.

As much as I’d love to release a new book every two months, the reality is, I work a full-time job that makes this very difficult. I will know better for next time.

As always, thank you for your patience and continued support! You guys are the reason I write, and hopefully, you’ll all bear with me for another week.

I’ve Started a Facebook Page!

Posted: September 20, 2013 in Announcements

This is something I’ve been thinking of doing for a while, but I have finally done it. It’s online, and can be found here.

I think Facebook is the best place I can connect to readers. It’s how I connect with the authors I like, so it’s probably a safe bet that it will work the other way around. As The Wasteland Chronicles has been picking up a little more steam, it’s my hope that I can use this page to connect with my readers.

Hey guys! Letting you all know that Evolution is now out! It can be found on Amazon at this link.

I had a lot of fun writing this one. It may be the best one yet. In the back of the book, it even has a glossary that defines many of the terms found within the Wasteland universe (fancy, huh?).

And just because it’s so awesome, I’m going to post the cover again.


It’s about that time again, folks! Book 3 of The Wasteland Chronicles, Evolution, is pretty much done, barring a few minor details. Here is the very awesome cover done by the series artist, Luke Atkinson! And yes, those are dragons!


Expect the book to drop on 8/8/2013, available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Kobo! I am getting PUMPED!

Extending release date

Posted: March 29, 2013 in Announcements

I hate to do this, but there is no way book 2 will be ready to go by the time I said it would. I’m on my second proof, and there needs to be at least one more after that – in addition to some beta readers, incorporating their feedback, and hiring a copy editor. Hopefully all of that should not take long. I could post it as is right now but there are still a lot of problems with it and that would not be wise.

I’ve been slammed in reviews for grammar – while my writing is not as bad as a lot of stuff that’s published, it’s not at the level I would like to be and I’m willing to pay a professional to do it. I’m still looking for a decent copy editor, and hopefully I can have something worked out by this weekend.

I tried to get this book out from start to finish in about two months. I just now feel like it’s getting within publishable range, but I really didn’t give myself enough time to finish it. For book 3 I’ll take at least three months.

Hopefully when I get it out it will be fully ready.