Lost Angel Available for Pre-Order

Find it on Amazon, B&N, Apple Store, Kobo. It will be available on Google Play the day of, and pre-order should go live sooner. The release date is 1/21 – This Tuesday! https://books2read.com/u/4N9RZN

Need to post!

Has it really been three days since I’ve posted? Yes, I guess it has. I’ve been very tired lately – and busy too, I guess. I finally reached the point in my novella that I’ve been waiting for. The apocalypse team is on the road again, saying goodbye to raider town. It took near twenty[…]

Apocalypse (The Wasteland Chronicles) coming to paperback!

Luke Atkinson and I (mostly Luke) are working very hard  to bring you, dear readers, a physical copy of Apocalypse, which will available directly from Amazon soon! This should all be set and ready to go within a month’s time (as in…available in a month or less). I’m not sure on costs yet, but I’d expect[…]

The Dark Tower Comes In!

I am a huge Stephen King fan. Well, I say that when I’ve only read three of his books. Actually, four counting Bag of Bones. I read The Stand when I was a teenager, maybe fifteen or sixteen. The extended, 1100 page version. I was completely floored and finished the entire book in about a week. It was[…]